Changing Room Benches

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School Benches

  • Number of hooks ranging from 9 to 12
  • Range of seats with baskets
  • Number of colours to match coloured lockers

School Benches


Double Sided

  • Range of both bench seats and hook bench seats
  • Widths ranging from 300mm to 1800mm
  • Number of colours to match coloured lockers

Double Sided


Single Sided

  • Widths ranging from 915mm to 1525mm
  • Number of hooks ranging from 9 to 12
  • Number of colours to match coloured lockers

Single Sided


Bench Seats

  • Widths ranging from 600mm to 1800mm
  • Long lasting and durable for high traffic areas.
  • Shoe storage basket options

Bench Seat


Seat/ Stand

  • Widths ranging from 300mm to 1200mm
  • Great additional seating for changing rooms
  • Range of anti-bacterial lockers

Seat/ Stand

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Changing room benches

Here at Manutan, we sell a wide range of changing room benches in different sizes, frame colours, materials and finishes. No matter how much available space you have in your changing room, we have the perfect solution for you. You can even find products with additional storage features such as shoe racks and coat hooks to maximise your room’s space.


The frames of our benches are typically made from a robust stainless steel. In terms of the bench material, you can find products with different types of wood or PVC slats.


We offer products with a powder coating in different colours to suit your changing room’s style. You can also find benches with an anti-bacterial coating, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain good hygiene in your facilities.


You can find benches in different sizes (to suit different age groups) and you’ll also have the option to choose the width of your benches.

Types of changing room benches


These types of benches are often placed next to a wall and are also a great seating option for cloakrooms.

Double-sided benches

Double-sided benches feature seating on either side of the bench’s framework so they can seat more people at a time. This type of locker room bench is designed to be located in the middle of a room where people can access them from either side.

Wall-mounted changing room benches

These types of benches feature brackets which are fixed to the wall with robust frames.

Freestanding benches

A freestanding locker room bench can be placed anywhere in a changing room and can be moved to suit your needs. For example, if you decide to move a bench to another area of the room, you can do so easily.

Benches for lockers

You can also find benches which can be fitted with lockers. This is ideal for locker rooms as there is an area for people to securely store their belongings as well as sit and place their clothing as they change

Benches with coat hooks and rails

We also sell changing room benches with additional features such as coat hooks. These are ideal for facilities that are short on space as they offer an extra storage solution whilst helping to prevent items of clothing and personal belongings from causing a trip hazard.

Locker room bench FAQs

Changing room bench dimensions

Dimensions of a changing room bench can differ depending on who they’re designed for and whether you choose a bespoke length. Typically, the height of changing room benches are 450mm high for adults, 400mm high for teenagers and 350mm high for young children.

What are the benefits of changing room benches?

Changing room benches are useful for a variety of sectors. From gyms, offices, leisure centres and schools, it’s important to give people a space to change and store their belongings. Aside from ensuring people have a comfortable space to get ready in, changing room benches also help to minimise the risk of trip hazards and keep your facilities tidy.

How do I choose the best type of locker room bench for my needs?

  • How much available space do you have in your locker room? - think about your changing room layout and how much space you have to work with. For example, instead of having lockers and benches stand separately, why not look into bench and locker units? Here at Manutan, we supply bench stands for lockers which will help you to maximise space.
  • Who are the benches going to be used by? - this will determine the best size for your bench (for example, a primary school bench will be a suitable height for younger age groups).
  • What is your budget? - you should consider your budget and which product will offer you the best value for your money.
  • Will you be likely to renovate your changing area? - if you want to keep your options open and be able to easily move furniture around in your facilities, freestanding benches are the perfect choice.

Got a question which hasn’t been answered or can’t find the product you’re looking for? Contact our friendly sales team today - we’d be happy to help!