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A quality alternative made in Europe at advantageous prices.

For those of you looking for impeccable quality at competitive prices, at Manutan EXPERT, we offer you a range of high-quality professional equipment with prices up to 20% lower than market rates. What’s our secret? Local sourcing and a sustainable approach because we believe in a more ethical, planet-friendly professional world.

An unmatched value for money

At Manutan EXPERT, we are proud to offer you an exceptional opportunity to make significant savings without compromising on quality: Our aim is to provide you with durable, top-quality B2B equipment at the best price, whatever the size of your company or your line of business. Spread across 8 product categories, our references are usually 20% cheaper than the market average for identical quality.

We also seek to avoid "overquality", a phenomenon whereby a product’s quality level is superior to its users’ actual needs. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of our customers, we can set the bar at the right level to offer you consistent quality. And this product quality comes with service quality: over 80% of our brand’s products are stocked in Europe, so they are immediately available for shipping.

But that’s not all! Thanks to our wide offer of cutting-edge equipment at a competitive price, you can enhance the safety of your company while improving the well-being and productivity of your employees. Among the thousands of references available in our range, you’ll find over 350 ergonomic products designed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and other occupational diseases.

Lastly, choosing Manutan EXPERT means contributing to more effective budget management by optimising your long tail spend, thus reducing hidden costs related to administrative management and delivery charges. You can then allocate your budget to value-adding items.

The promise of European manufacturing

Over three quarters of our Manutan EXPERT products are made in Europe, and we are constantly working to increase this figure. In addition to defending the know-how of European companies and supporting the relocation of industry, our choice of local sourcing guarantees a reduction in your carbon footprint by acting on the transport duration of products, which is responsible for a quarter of carbon emissions. And buying local means implementing an agile supply system in your company so you can be more responsive to market fluctuations.

Our Manutan EXPERT products display strict compliance with quality, health and safety standards. This includes PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which is essential for implementing your workplace risk prevention policy. By opting for Manutan EXPERT, you are therefore not only supporting local know-how and reducing your environmental footprint, but also investing in the safety and well-being of your employees.

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Browse through a selection of some of our key references from each product category and see for yourself why Manutan EXPERT is the preferred choice for many companies:

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Our expert's opinion

Sabrina, Pricing Manager at Manutan EXPERT

"With my significant experience in pricing and market analysis, I make sure that Manutan EXPERT offers the best value for money to our customers. Our up-to-10-year warranty which applies to most of our products demonstrates our commitment to quality and durability. We have managed to position our prices on average 20% lower than major brands, without compromising on quality, quite the opposite. My expertise allows me to efficiently understand and meet the real needs of professionals, by offering affordable, high-quality solutions to provide the best price."

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