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A range of products tailored to professional needs.

At Manutan EXPERT, we invite you to discover our extensive range of everyday products designed to meet all your professional needs. We are committed to providing you with quality, sustainable and fairly priced equipment, all in a diverse offering covering 11 essential product categories.

Solutions for every workspace

Manutan EXPERT is synonymous with diversity and excellence. Whether for your offices, warehouses, workshops or construction sites, we offer thousands of references, enriched each year with around 500 new products.

Each reference is carefully selected by our experts. To do this, they take into account the quality of the products and, increasingly, their sustainability and local manufacture, while ensuring the best price.

Our goal? To guarantee a “Well-working” environment within your company and support you in your day-to-day activities, whether you are a small business or a large group. Our quality professional equipment is built to last because we know this is essential for you to improve your internal processes while ensuring the safety of your employees.

We also place great importance on promoting modularity and compatibility with Lean Management. Your company must be flexible and reactive to maintain its performance as the market evolves. A modular workstation can be enhanced with various options (casters, electric shelf, storage divider, etc.).

These optimisation possibilities improve workflows: You can say goodbye to non-value-adding tasks and unnecessary movement. Storage and communication are made easier thanks to equipment like bins, notice boards or glass storage cabinets. Nearly 350 of our Manutan EXPERT products are compatible with Lean Management.

Fast and reliable delivery of products

We know that time is precious in the professional world. When you purchase a piece of equipment, you need it as soon as possible. Risking a halt in production and potential financial losses is out of the question!

A commitment to quality and sustainability

At Manutan EXPERT, the number of sustainable references within our offering is constantly increasing. We are therefore proud to offer you a range which is mainly sourced locally, with over three quarters of our products manufactured in Europe. In addition to limiting carbon emissions from the transportation of goods, this choice is an effective way to support local economic development.

Another commitment from Manutan EXPERT is that many references from our vast range are designed using recycled materials and/or are recyclable. And because we don’t do things by halves, we also ensure we use recycled and recyclable packaging materials.

We adhere to the vision of the Manutan group, which applies its mission "Enterprising for a better world” to all its processes, including procurement. So, at Manutan EXPERT, we meticulously select our partners and suppliers to make sure they share our ethical principles and implement them.

Lastly, all our products are high-quality. But this requirement does not come at the expense of price: Our Manutan EXPERT range is marketed at a competitive price compared to the market in order to remain accessible to as many companies as possible.

Discover our diverse product categories

Each of our product categories has been designed to comprehensively meet your everyday professional needs:

Expert products for every need

Our expert's opinion

Maximilien, Warehouse Category Manager at Manutan EXPERT

"With over 15 years of experience in logistics and warehouse management, I have a clear vision of our clients’ requirements. At Manutan EXPERT, we make a point of offering an extensive range of warehouse equipment, from sophisticated storage solutions to ergonomic handling tools. My career has taught me the importance of quality, reliability and efficiency. This expertise guides my product choices to ensure our range precisely meets professionals’ needs, and I always keep my inventory up to date to be able to ship as rapidly as possible."

Our expert's opinion

Marine, Head of Sustainable Range at Manutan EXPERT

"My role at Manutan EXPERT is to expand our sustainable product range, in line with our commitment to sustainable development. Increasing our sustainable offering is strategic. By strengthening our range with sustainable products and increasing our European sourcing, we are responding to environmental challenges while ensuring quality. This approach reflects our commitment to combine performance and environmental responsibility, thus providing our professional clients with environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on effectiveness."

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