How office furniture impacts productivity

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When purchasing office furniture, whether it’s chairs, desks, office storage cupboards or storage lockers, whatever it might be, several factors need to be taken into consideration, things like cost, functionality or design. One aspect that also needs to be considered is how office furniture affects productivity.


Ergonomics needs to be applied to almost all areas of an office to optimise safety and productivity. At its core, ergonomics is arranging and designing offices, products and internal systems to fit & work around the people within them. Ergonomics also aims to improve workspaces by minimising the risk of injury.

When looking into furniture to help boost productivity, two product types that you need to get right are the office chair & office desks. For many offices, sitting is at least some part of the working day. Choosing the right chair is important to ensure staff members are comfortable, this can also make a difference to their productivity. 

Ergonomic chairs (such as Draughtsman chairs) have adjustable positions, including height and seating options to ensure they can be used by many different people, whilst providing that comfort.

Ergonomic desks can also be adjustable in height, as well as providing a working surface that can conceal or house office equipment.


Keeping an office organised will certainly help with productivity; untidy or unorganised offices can mean employees having to search for documentation, leading to frustration and a loss of productivity. Choosing the right office storage solution will help to keep the office organised.

Having the right desks and chairs in place is a great way to increase productivity, how you arrange these can be another contributing factor. Having an open-plan office (if it suits your business), can enable employees to communicate easily, you can even use the furniture to segment offices in a way that suits the business.

Smaller but still important touches such as breakout or rest areas, ventilation, lighting, colour schemes and even office plants can all affect office productivity too.

Here at Manutan, we can provide the office furniture to increase office productivity but we will leave the colour schemes and plants up to you. See our full range of office furniture here.


Victoria Vaughan