Are Expensive Office Chairs Worth It?

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Whether you’re using your current office chair at the workplace or in your home, plenty of people find themselves sticking with what they have when it comes to office chairs; even when the chair itself is old, uncomfortable and basically falling apart. However, investing in a brand new, “expensive” office chair provides a whole host of benefits, that we will explore in the following article.

1. More Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of buying a brand-new, ergonomic office chair, is the increased levels of comfort they bring. With modern office chairs comes the many options for customisation that they are equipped with; you can easily adjust your new chair to get the right seat depth, position of the arm and headrests, the lumbar support of the chair and more. Since you spend hours every day sitting on your work chair, how can you expect to stay comfortable if your body is not in a proper position? A new, ergonomic office chair provides great options and value for money in this regard.

2. Increased Productivity

Since your new office chair will be much more comfortable, a benefit that leads on from this is that you might find yourself being more productive when working from the new chair. This is because, by being more comfortable and also having a better overall posture while working, you will be less distracted by the chair itself and adjusting it; you’ll be able to focus on what you’re actually doing much more easily.

3. Health Benefits

The best ergonomic chairs are great to introduce healthy working at the office. By adjusting to body posture, these provide a range of health benefits. Reducing lower back pain, giving proper support to the spine, alleviating neck and shoulder pains, keeping joints in a neutral position, ensuring that arms rest well, to name but a few. Said to help with circulation, these chairs can beat the physical as well as mental fatigue to a great extent.

4. Longer Lasting

Another advantage to some of the more expensive styles of office chair, is that they usually come with a much longer warranty, as well as being built to last for longer periods of time. Being slightly more expensive than older types of office chair, these models are generally built with higher quality components, which means that they won’t need constantly replacing like you might have to with other, cheaper office chairs.

5. Level of Usage

Finally, when you consider the length of time that you probably have to spend in the office chair, especially if you work from a computer in your study or something along those lines, then spending a little extra on a high quality office chair is actually quite a sound investment on your part. With the health benefits and greater quality taken into account, the advantages of buying a higher-quality, slightly more expensive office chair to replace your old one is, in our opinion, not outweighed by the cost.

In conclusion, a more expensive office chair is well worth investing in if you’re looking for a higher quality upgrade on your current chair; with some of the benefits on health, productivity and quality being too difficult to ignore. If you were interested in buying a brand new office chair, you can view our full range of office chairs, which includes our previously discussed ergonomic office chairs, as well as a variety of other designs like leather office chairs, mesh office chairs and more.

Victoria Vaughan