Heavy Duty Workbenches

Introducing our robust and versatile range of Bott heavy duty workbenches, designed to suit any workshop or industrial environment. With load capacities up to 1500kg, we’re confident you’ll find the right workbench for your business here. Our heavy duty workbench categories

Our Heavy Duty Workbench Categories

Types of heavy duty work tables and benches

Heavy duty storage workbenches

These workbenches all feature strong and spacious surface areas that can handle any task, but also benefit from a range of storage options, such as the Bott Cubio Heavy Duty Workbench which includes 4 drawers and 1 Cupboard for storing and organising tools and materials.

Heavy duty framework benches

A heavy duty framework workbench has a strong and sturdy structure, consisting of a steel frame which can support heavy loads and withstand repetitive use. Worktop surfaces can be made of steel, ply or linoleum, depending on your requirements and are suitable for various industrial applications.

Heavy duty workbench accessories

Browse a wide range of top quality workbench accessories, including additional worktops, back panelling, drawer cabinets and more. Customise your workbench with options for frame colour, material and dimensions to meet your specific needs. Elevate your workstation with height adjustable leg kits, shelves, and suspension accessories.

What is the toughest workbench top?

A steel top workbench is the toughest of all workbench surfaces because it is suitable for every kind of task, providing a long-lasting and tough surface that can withstand heat, moisture, corrosion, scratches and dents. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

How much weight can a heavy duty work desk hold?

The Bott Cubio Heavy Duty Workbench With Half-Depth Shelf has a load capacity of 1500kg making it ideal for working with heavy machinery or parts.

What is a good thickness for a heavy duty workbench?

The best thickness for a heavy duty workbench top depends on the type of material and the intended use of the workbench. Most of our workbenches feature worktops that are 40mm thick.

Why choose Manutan?

Here at Manutan, our aim is simple. We want to give you one less thing to worry about. All our heavy duty work desks and benches are individually quality checked prior to shipping and we aim to deliver all stocked items the following day. We also provide free delivery and returns across mainland UK, along with a 30 day money back guarantee.