What Is A Pallet Truck Used For?

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What is a Pallet Truck?

A Pallet Truck, also known as a “pallet jack” or a “pallet pump”, is a basic form of forklift often used and best suited to a warehouse environment, for the moving of pallets and palletised loads. They are especially useful for boosting the efficiency of these kinds of manual tasks in warehouse environments, turning a multiple-person job into a one man job.

However, there are also different types of pallet truck, that all have different benefits and applications for different uses

Pallet Truck Uses

With the variety of different pallet trucks available to you, there are also a wide variety of uses for these pallet trucks, including:

  • Manual Pallet Trucks: A manual pallet truck such as this heavy duty hand pallet truck is most often used to manually lift and transport loads of up to 2500kg, and is the standard type of pallet truck.
  • Electric Pallet Trucks: An electric pallet truck is often used for high-spec constructions, and takes most of the manual labour out of the task of moving transport loads.
  • High-Lift pallet Trucks: A high-lift pallet truck is often used to lift loads much higher than a standard pallet truck, while also working as a lifting table and a workbench.
  • Weigh-Scale Pallet Truck: Weigh-scale pallet trucks can be used to weigh whatever you’re transporting up to certain amounts, whilst also providing the efficiency and use of a regular pallet truck.

So you can see that pallet trucks have a wide variety of different uses, and also that for a particular job you might be in need of a specific type of pallet truck, such as an electric pallet truck if you’re looking to take as much of labour out of the work as possible. To learn more you can see our full range of pallet trucks here.

Victoria Vaughan