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Electric Pallet Trucks are perfect for fast-paced warehouse environments where speed and timing are important. Electric-powered pallet trucks increase speed and efficiency whilst loading and unloading as they handle heavy loads with ease. Find the right pallet track for your business and order in bulk for discounts. Browse our full range of pallet trucks and trolleys and buy online today.

Why choose an electric pallet truck?

There are many benefits to electric pallet trucks which will make them a valuable addition to any warehouse, including:

  • They are ergonomically designed for warehouse operators, which increases safety by significantly reducing strain and injury risk caused by repetitive loading and transporting.
  • They enhance the already great mechanics of standard pallet trucks by adding additional electronic enhancements, allowing for easier lifting, manoeuvrability and unloading of heavy goods.

By investing in an electric pallet truck, you can streamline your processes, increase employee productivity and make your workplace a safer environment.


What is an electric pallet jack?

An electric pallet jack (electric pallet truck) is a motorised piece of equipment which is designed to lift and transport palletised loads. They are usually operated by a control panel or throttle on the handle which moves them in the desired direction and raises or lowers their forks. They’re also considered to be a more ergonomic option compared to manual pallet trucks.

You can also find semi-electric pallet trucks, such as this Pramac pallet truck, which operates with an electric transition movement but still has a manual pump lifting mechanism which raises and lowers the forks. Essentially, semi-electric pallet trucks combine manual and electric functions.

Typical features of an electric pallet jack are:

  • An electric motor to operate the equipment - some pallet trucks will also feature inbuilt chargers.
  • A handle or control panel.
  • An emergency stop button to halt the vehicle if necessary.
  • Pneumatic, solid rubber or polyurethane tyres (you can find tyres to suit your work surface).
  • Two robust forks which slot into pallets so they can be lifted with ease.

How much does an electric pallet jack weigh?

The weight of an electric pallet jack will depend on a number of factors, such as the model of the pallet truck and who it was manufactured by. That said, the weight of an electric pallet truck may be around 453kg.

You can find out more about the weight of pallet trucks here.

Are electric pallet trucks subject to LOLER?

LOLER (Lifting Operating and Lifting Equipment Regulations) are regulations which businesses operating lifting equipment must comply with. Vehicles subject to LOLER are those which can lift loads higher than 300m. Generally, pallet trucks won’t fall under LOLER as they don’t lift loads high enough off of the ground so there are smaller risks involved.

You can find out more about LOLER and electric pallet trucks here.

Do you need a licence for an electric pallet truck?

An industrial truck licence will be required for an electric truck if it can reach speeds higher than 6 km/h or if it has a ride-on platform installed.

Is an electric pallet truck suitable for outdoor use?

This will depend on the model but pallet trucks are typically designed for indoor use, usually in warehouses. That said, you can find both semi and fully-electric pallet trucks which can be used outdoors in dry conditions but you should check with the manufacturer that the product is suitable for this. For example, some trucks will feature special tyres or other weather-resistant features.

Do safety checks need to be carried out on an electric pallet truck?

Electric pallet trucks which can lift loads above a height of 300m must be inspected on an annual basis (this is a requirement of the Health and Safety Executive).

Which electric pallet truck is right for me?

Here at Manutan we understand the importance of choosing the right pallet trucks and trolleys for your workplace, which is why we’ve listed some considerations for you to make:

  • Where will you be using the pallet truck?You should consider the environment the truck will likely be used in as if you’re planning on using it outdoors, you’ll need to look for a truck with tyres to suit rougher terrains.
  • What will you be transporting? This will determine the maximum load weight you require. Moreover, if you’re moving fragile goods, you’ll want a truck with a lowering valve so forks are raised and lowered more carefully.
  • What fork length will be required for your palletised loads?If you’re operating in a small warehouse, you may look for electric pallet trucks with shorter forks.
  • Will you require any special functions, such as a crawl speed button, to carry out tasks more efficiently?
  • What’s your budget?We offer electric pallet trucks at a range of prices to suit your budget.
  • Will you need to record the weights of loads? If so, a pallet truck with scales will give you accurate readings and streamline the process.
  • How often will the electric pallet jack be used and how long will it be used for at one time? Some trucks will have a longer battery life and will require charging less often.

If you have any other questions about finding the right electric pallet truck, please do not hesitate to get in touch.