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The benefits of manual scissor lifts

A manual lift table is a simple yet effective device that can make your work easier and more effective, helping you to:

  • Reduce the risk of injuries and strains from lifting heavy objects by hand.
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to move and position loads quickly and accurately.
  • Save space and money by using a single device for multiple tasks and locations.

Whether you need a standard manual scissor lift table or an Auto Pallet Leveller with a load capacity of 2000kg, you’re sure to find the right manual lift table for you in our collection.

How does a hydraulic scissor lift table work?

A hydraulic scissor lift table is a platform mounted on wheels that can be raised or lowered by a hydraulic mechanism. The user can load the platform with the desired object and then use a foot pedal or a hand crank to adjust the height of the platform, then move the table to the desired location.

What is the maximum load capacity for a manual lifting table?

Our selection of manual lift equipment includes tables with a maximum load capacity ranging from 100kg to 2000kg.

What is the maximum height of a manual scissor lift table?

Models such as the Britruck Manual Double Scissor Lift Table have a maximum lifting height of 1900mm.

Are manual scissor lift platforms safe to use?

Manual scissor lifts are safe and simple to use, providing instructions are followed carefully and the lifting table is regularly checked to ensure it is in good working order.

Why choose Manutan?

All our manual and mobile scissor lift tables are individually quality checked prior to shipping. We are proud to offer free delivery and returns across mainland UK, along with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our team is always happy to assist you. We are experts in helping our customers find the right product for their business. Contact us today.