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Benefits of multi-purpose sack trucks

Multi-position sack trucks offer many benefits for users, such as:

Reducing manual handling risks - sack trucks can help prevent injuries and accidents caused by lifting, carrying or moving heavy or awkward loads by hand. They can reduce the strain on the back, neck, shoulders and arms of the user, as well as minimise the risk of dropping or damaging the goods.

Improving efficiency and productivity - our multi-purpose hand trucks enable users to move more loads in less time and with less effort. They can also adapt to different situations and environments, allowing users to switch between modes depending on the load size, shape and weight.

Saving money and space - multi-position hand trucks can eliminate the need for buying multiple pieces of equipment for different purposes. They can also save storage space by folding up or converting into a compact form when not in use.

Types of Multi Position Sack Trucks

Here at Manutan, we have a wide range of multi purpose handtrucks suitable for a variety of workplace settings. But which one is right for your business?

Convertible sack trucks

Switch between two or three different positions with ease. Can be used as a classic upright hand truck, a 45° sack barrow with four wheels or a flatbed platform trolley. Convertible sack trucks offer maximum flexibility and convenience for different types of loads and applications.

Manual multi position sack trucks

With load capacities up to 600kg, these hand trucks can be used to move loads in different ways. With their robust, durable frames and crank-operated mechanically raised toe plate, manual multi position sack trucks are ideal for a range of workplaces.

Electric multi position sack trucks

Enables you to move heavy loads effortlessly and safely. Our electric sack trucks all come with pneumatic tyres, batteries that last up to one hour and a simple design, making them easy to use on a variety of surfaces.

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What are multi position sack trucks used for?

Multi position sack trucks can be used for a wide range of purposes and industries, such as:

  • Warehousing and logistics - to move pallets, boxes, crates, drums and other items within warehouses or between vehicles and loading docks.
  • Retail and hospitality - to transport stock, supplies, equipment and furniture within shops, restaurants, hotels and other venues.
  • Office and education - to move files, documents, books, computers and other office or school materials within buildings or between rooms.

How do I choose the best multi position sack truck for my needs?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a multi position sack truck for your needs, such as:

  • The type and size of the loads you need to move
  • The frequency and distance of the movements
  • The terrain and surface of the areas you need to cover
  • The storage and transport space available
  • The price and what suits your budget

To help find the right sack truck for you, use the Filter By section to narrow down your search based on depth, load capacity, height and more.

What is the maximum load capacity of a multi purpose sack truck?

Our range of sack trucks include models such as the Manutan Heavy Duty Manual Sack Trucks which has a load capacity of up to 600kg.

  1. Check the condition - Before using the sack truck, you should inspect it for any damage or defects that might affect its performance or safety. You should also check the tyres for any punctures or wear and tear.
  2. Adjust the position - Depending on the type of load, adjust the position of the sack truck accordingly.
  3. Load the items - Load the items onto the toe plate or platform carefully and evenly. You should avoid overloading or unbalancing the sack truck and secure the items with straps if necessary.
  4. Move the items - Manoeuvre the items with caution and control. Avoid sudden movements or sharp turns that might cause instability or tipping over. You should also use both hands to steer and brake the sack truck.
  5. Unload the items - When you reach your destination, unload the items from the sack truck carefully and gently. Avoid dropping or dragging the items, as this might damage them or the sack truck. You should also return the sack truck to its original position and safely store it away when not in use.

Do you offer free delivery on multi purpose hand trucks?

We offer a free, next day delivery service on all stocked products ordered before 4:00pm. We also offer free returns and a 30 day money back guarantee. For any questions about our hand trucks or any other product, please don’t hesitate to contact the Manutan Customer Service Team.