What Is A COSHH Cupboard?

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COSHH, which stands for ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health’, is the law that requires employers to control hazardous substances in the workplace, and restrict or prevent the risk these substances pose to employees and workers. One of the easiest ways that workplaces can control these hazardous substances, is by safely storing them in a COSHH cupboard, or COSHH cabinet.

COSHH Cabinet Definition

A COSHH cabinet is a storage unit, designed for the safe storage of any substances that are deemed hazardous under the COSHH regulations; which can include anything from chemicals and dusts, to common household products like bleach, solvents and paint.

COSHH Cabinet Uses

COSHH Cabinets are useful and necessary in a wide variety of different industries, some of which you may already know of but others might be somewhat surprising, including (but not limited to):

  1. Agriculture & Farming: The industry of farming uses a wide variety of different substances that are deemed as hazardous by COSHH, including pesticides and fertilisers.
  2. Commercial Cleaning: In this industry, a COSHH cupboard would be used to store cleaning products like detergents, lacquers, bleaches, disinfectants and more.
  3. Catering: The catering industry may need a COSHH Cabinet to store substances like microbial enzymes that are used for food processing.
  4. Engineering: Engineering is an industry that uses several substances that could be damaging to your health, such as paints, adhesives, degreasing and braking fluids, as well as lubricants, that will need to be safely stored in a COSHH Cabinet.
  5. Metallurgy & Welding: Like Engineering, Metallurgy & Welding is an industry that utilises several materials in the workplace deemed as hazardous, such as metal splints and cutting fluids.
  6. Pest Control: Similar to the industry of agriculture and farming, those in the industry of pest control will need to safely store all the different types of pesticide used with a COSHH Cabinet.

Whether you are working in one of the above listed industries or not, it is vital that you check whether or not you should be using a flammable storage cabinet in your workplace. These COSHH cabinets are specifically designed for the safe storage of hazardous substances, and owning some can make your workplace so much safer; if you’re interested in buying one, you can view our range of COSHH cabinets here today. We also have for sale a wide array of other cabinets with hygiene and health benefits. Our selection of first aid cabinets are a must-have for workplaces, and our stainless steel cabinets are hygienic storage solution for places like hospitals and schools.

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