How To Clean Leather Office Chairs

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Leather office chairs are one of the more stylish types of office chair available; they can add a touch of elegance and luxury to a room with ease, and because of this you will probably want to keep them looking their best. It is quite easy to care for and clean leather chairs, but you can’t treat them the same way you would other fabrics. You’ll need to use the proper cleaning supplies when dealing with stains on a leather chair, as we will outline in this article.

  1. Determine the type of leather. Before you try and clean a leather office chair, find out what the type of leather is. Manufacturer’s tags found on leather furniture like office chairs generally provide cleaning tips and warnings, too.
  2. Look to see if there are any tags attached to your furniture. If you can’t find any, look over the written manual that came with the chair when you bought it. If you know the specific type of office chair you own, you may be able to find these instructions online. The tag or instructions will provide tips on cleaning your furniture. and will also let you know what products could be harmful to the leather.
    1. If can’t figure out the type of leather, keep in mind that most leather furniture is made from top-coat protected leather. It is generally safe to clean this leather using mild body soap and water.
  3. Vacuum the chair. Before you begin properly cleaning your furniture, make sure to give it a good vacuuming. Doing this regularly is a good way to prevent wear and tear on leather office chairs.
  4. Make a cleaner using water and soap. Once you’ve dusted and vacuumed the chair, prepare your cleaner. You’ll only need basic household supplies like water and soap to clean the leather effectively.
  5. Wipe down the chair. Test a small area of the chair first. If you don’t notice any damage, dip a clean rag in the liquid and wring it out thoroughly. From there, wipe the chair down with the wet rag. Simply repeat this process to easy clean up your chair and make it fresh for another day.

That concludes this short blog article on how you can easily clean your leather office chairs; as you can see, it is a fairly simple process to keep your leather office chairs in top condition, but one that requires a slightly different touch to cleaning other types of office furniture. If you were interested in buying a new office chair, however, you can see our wide and varied range of Office Chairs, including our Leather Office Chairs, as well as our executive office chairs, mesh office chairs, ergonomic office chairs and more.

Victoria Vaughan