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Finding the right shelf trolley for you

Shelf trolleys are versatile and practical shelving units on wheels that can be used for transporting, storing and organising various items in different workplace environments. Whether you need a heavy duty shelf trolley for your factory or a mesh picking trolley for your warehouse, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs and preferences.

Which shelf trolley is right for me?

Choose from a variety of trolleys featuring 2 to 8 shelves, including

  • Table Trolleys: light or heavy duty flat surface trolleys that can be used as tables or worktops. Available with 2-5 shelves and load capacity up to 800kg.
  • Plastic Shelf Trolleys: lightweight and easy to clean, these trolleys are resistant to corrosion, rust and scratches and are suitable for sanitary environments such as hospitals, laboratories or kitchens. Available with 2 - 4 shelves.
  • High Level Shelf Trolley with Wood & Steel Shelves: robust and durable trolleys that can handle heavy loads and frequent use. Featuring a high clearance between the shelves to accommodate large or bulky items, these trolleys come with 4-5 shelves.
  • High Level Shelf Trolley with Mesh Panels: featuring mesh panels that allow you to see and access your items easily. Available with 2 - 8 shelves.

Why choose a light or heavy duty shelf trolley from Manutan?

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To help find the right shelf trolley for you, use our filter tool or contact our sales team who can help find the most suitable trolley for your workplace.


What are the advantages of shelf trolleys on wheels over other types of trolleys?

Shelf trolleys have some advantages over other types of trolleys, such as:

  • Increased storage space: multiple shelves mean more items can be stored than on a single platform or basket trolley. You can also stack items vertically on the shelves to save floor space.
  • Better visibility and accessibility: items are easy to see, store and reach. You can also label the shelves or use dividers to sort your items by category or priority.
  • More versatile and adaptable: these trolleys be used for a variety of purposes and environments, such as transporting goods, storing tools or serving food.

Do you sell adjustable shelf trolleys?

Some of our shelf trolleys come with adjustable shelves, such as the Loose Shelf Suitable For Merchandise Picking Trolley, providing flexibility for storing and transporting items of different sizes. Please refer to each product description for specifics.

Are the trolleys easy to manoeuvre?

Yes, all our trolleys are designed for easy manoeuvrability. They are fitted with sturdy swivel or fixed castors, some of which have locking mechanisms for additional safety and stability when needed.

Where can I find more information about workplace trolleys on wheels?

Take a look at our article 'Choosing the right trolley for your material handling tasks' for some great tips on how to select the best trolley for your needs and preferences. 😊

The Manutan Promise

The Manutan team are passionate about delivering the highest level of customer service, which is why we’re happy to offer free delivery to all UK mainland addresses. All products include a 12 month warranty as standard and are covered by our 30 day guarantee meaning that if you are not entirely satisfied you can simply return the products to us free of charge for a full refund.

If you have any questions about our fantastic range of shelf trolleys, or any of our other products, why not contact our friendly sales team today.