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With a simple ergonomic design, our robust pallet trucks with scales allow you to lift, move and weigh cargo all at the same time. The battery-powered LED calculator records accurate weight readings and the simple pump action handle means our weigh scale pallet trucks are a valuable, cost-effective addition to any warehouse or factory where goods need to be weighed quickly and transported from a to b with minimal effort.

We also have trucks available with an inbuilt printer facility to allow you to easily record and print weights and paperwork.

All our pallet trucks conform to the required UK standard.


What are the benefits of pallet trucks with scales?

There are lots of benefits of pallet trucks with weigh scales, including:

  • Ensuring you don’t overload and damage the pallet truck - without a weighing scale, you may accidently overload and cause damage to a pallet truck. Pallet trucks with scales help to prevent exceeding the maximum weight limit and ensure that you can use your pallet truck to its full potential.
  • They’re easy to use - pallet trucks with scales are very easy to use so you can transport palletised loads quickly and efficiently in warehouses and offices.
  • They give accurate weight readings - as pallet trucks with scales give the user accurate weight readings, they can monitor the load’s weight and ensure that the pallet truck’s weight capacity is not exceeded. Legislation regarding shipping and weights is becoming increasingly stricter, so being able to weigh your pallets accurately is of the upmost importance. Some pallet trucks with scales even have a printer which means they can assist users in recording weights. Why not take a look at our Pramac pallet truck with scales and a printer.

How to weigh a pallet

A hand pallet truck with scales is used to accurately weigh pallets before they are transported. Using a weigher truck with scales is easy - simply take the scale to the load which is to be moved, insert the forks into the pallet, and lift the pallet. When the pallet has been lifted up from the floor for a few seconds, the weight of the palletised load will appear on the display screen for the user to read. This allows operators to determine if the load is too heavy or can be safely unloaded or loaded onto a vehicle.

Which is the right pallet truck with weighing scales for me?

For high quality and accurate pallet weighing, any one of our pallet trucks with weighing scales will do the trick. If you are looking for a standard, easy to use truck with 2000kg capacity, the Manual Eco Warrior with its robust stainless steel frame and AA battery-powered calculator is ideal. For a heavier load, you may be interested in the 2500kg capacity load PX25 manual pallet truck with weigher.

If it’s a heavy duty pallet truck with 2500kg load capacity and built-in thermal printer you’re after, take a look at the Pramac Pallet Truck with Scales and Printer.

What weight can a pallet truck lift?

A pallet truck’s safe handling limit depends on a range of factors, such as:

  • The type of pallet truck (e.g. electric, manual, etc.)
  • Where the pallet truck will be used (areas with lots of ramps will make transporting heavy loads more tricky)
  • How far you are moving loads
  • The maximum capacity load of the individual pallet truck

The pallet trucks with scales we offer have a load capacity of 2000kg or 2500kg. These pallet trucks are ideal for ensuring that employees do not exceed the safe handling limit and transport loads efficiently

How much does a pallet truck weigh?

The weight of a pallet truck depends on the type and brand of truck you are using. Generally, the average weight of a standard manual pallet truck will usually be in the 79kg range, but some can be much heavier so it is always best to check this when looking for the right truck for you. For more information, check out our blog How much does a pallet truck weigh?

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