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Scissor lift tables are perfect for industrial and commercial workplace environments where heavy loads need to be lifted, lowered and transported. Tables can be raised to a desired height, providing a stable elevated work surface, making them the ideal solution for a variety of tasks.

What are the different types of scissor lift tables?

Hydraulic scissor lift tables – the hydraulic raising and lowering system in models such as the Manutan Mobile Scissor Lift Table allows for smooth and controlled operation, lifting and manoeuvring heavy goods with ease.

Electric scissor lift tables - the low maintenance electric control system provides precise control and ease of use. Electric lift tables such as the Britruck Triple Lift Electric Scissor Lift Table can be raised to a maximum height that exceeds that of a hydraulic lift table.

Roller trays – when used in combination with roller conveyors, roller trays such as the Advanced Handling Steel Roller Tray enables simple and efficient movement of heavy goods.

Self-levelling lift tables – models such as the Warrior Auto Pallet Leveller allows the user to work at ergonomic, strain-free height, minimising strain and injury risk.

Why choose Manutan for your scissor lift tables?

Here at Manutan, we offer a wide range of scissor lift tables suited to a variety of industrial and commercial environments. Whether you are looking to raise goods on production lines, transport loads within a factory or simply use as a versatile, adjustable workspace, we have the right solution for you. All our electric and hydraulic scissor lift tables conform to BS EN and ISO certification requirements, and we individually check all products before shipping. We also provide free delivery and returns across mainland UK.


What is a scissor lift table

A scissor lift table is a mechanical device used to lift, lower and transport heavy loads. It consists of a platform raised by interlocking metal beams (scissor legs) operated by hydraulic or electric systems. The platform can be raised to a desired height, providing a stable elevated work surface, making it useful for a variety of tasks in industrial and manufacturing settings.

What is a scissor lift table used for?

Scissor lift tables can be used to move heavy items between different levels in a factory, assist with the loading or unloading of trucks, or bring items to the height of a production line. They are also used in warehouse and storage facilities to store items at different levels, and in maintenance and repair operations to lift large equipment for servicing or repairs.

How to use a hydraulic scissor lift table safely

  1. Before operating the scissor lift table, check the hydraulic oil and battery fluid levels, inspect components for damage and look for cracks and looseness in the structure.
  2. During operation, select a solid and flat ground, determine the weight of the load, making sure it does not exceed the maximum load capacity of the lift table, and place it evenly in the centre of the platform.
  3. Turn on the power to the scissor lift and check that the control buttons are functioning properly.
  4. Use the control buttons to raise the platform to the desired height. Make sure the platform is stable before moving the load.
  5. Carefully move the load to its desired location.
  6. When you have reached the desired location, lower the platform using the control buttons.
  7. Turn off the power: When you have finished using the lift table, turn off the power and check the hydraulic oil and battery fluid levels again.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and following safe lifting practices. In case of power outage or other emergency, follow the emergency procedures outlined by the manufacturer.

Do you need a licence for a mobile scissor lift table?

A licence is not required to operate a scissor lift table, however there is always a duty of care by employers to ensure operators are competent to work with this type of machinery.

What is the maximum height a scissor lift table can reach?

Our range of scissor lift tables include models that can lift to a maximum height of 3 metres. Use the Filter By section to find the right min/max lift height to suit your needs.