Optical aplanatic microloupe with scale - Magnification 10x

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Optical aplanatic microloupe with scale - Magnification 10x
stainless steel graduated plate
£ 152.25  excl. VAT
£ 182.70 incl. VAT


Ideal for inspecting drill bit and milling bit edges, wet objects or taking measurements on metal parts.
  • Clear, distortion-free viewing thanks to the aplanatic optical system.
  • Fitted with a scale on a slanted stainless steel plate, 0.1 mm graduations over 10 mm in length.
  • Magnifier with openly accessible scale, magnification 10x.
  • Very easy-to-read scale with finely detailed markings.
  • Option to add lighting.
Supplied with a leather case.

Product Information

Product Name Optical aplanatic microloupe with scale, Magnification: 10x, Ergonomic: no, Lens Ø: 20 mm
Brand Peak
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Magnification 10X
Lens Ø (mm) 20 mm
Material 100% metal
Scale 0.1 over 10 mm
Ergonomic NO
Customer warranty 3 YEARS