Marina site pump SGX 1100

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Marina site pump SGX 1100
£ 379.00  excl. VAT
£ 454.80 incl. VAT
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Ideal for pumping our polluted waters in cellars, water tanks or for drying out excavations.
  • Immersed pump with stainless steel box
  • Fitted with floater and sealing joint in silicon carbide to fight foreign bodies.
Delivered with joint coupler of 1 1/2 " in size

Product Information

Product Name Marina site pump SGX 1100, Pressure drop: 7.5 m, Max. flow rate: 300 L/min, Power: 1100 W
Brand Marina Garden Line
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Power (W) 1100 W
Max. flow rate (L/min) 300 L/min
Pressure drop (m) 7.5 m
Customer warranty 3 years
Waste disposal fee (Recupel) no