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Loctite LB 8014 Food Grade Anti Seize 907g

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Loctite LB 8014 Food Grade Anti Seize 907g
Loctite Food Anti Seize
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Prevents seizing and friction on metal-to-metal surfaces such as threaded joints.
  • A combination of white lubricating solids and extreme pressure
  • lubricating agents.
  • Appears in an aluminium gelled white oil.
  • Ideally suited to work with pipe joints, nuts, bolts and studs.
  • Perfect for metal-to-metal contact involving stainless steel and other stainless alloys.
  • Ideal for use in industrial food industries such as meat packing and dairy processing plants.
  • Also suits canning
  • factories, grain and sugar processing plants,
  • bakeries, breweries, hospitals, and other
  • general plant maintenance. Typically used in applications with an operating range of -29 °C to +400 °C.

Product Information

Product Name Loctite LB 8014 Food Grade Anti Seize 907g, Model: Loctite LB 8014, Containing weight: 907 g
Brand Loctite
Conditioning unit
Catalogue page 9995

Technical Specification

Model Loctite LB 8014
Containing weight (g) 907 g