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Keep your keys organised and secure with our range of key cabinets and boxes. Available in various sizes and designs, our key cabinets offer a simple solution for managing keys for buildings with multiple users or for granting remote access.

Why choose Manutan for your key cabinets

Here at Manutan, we have a wide range of key cabinets to suit a variety of workplace and home environments.

Key Cabinet Accessories

If you are purchasing a key cabinet, you may also like to take a look at our range of key cabinet accessories, including plastic key fobs with blank labels and Heavy Duty Self-Retracting Key Reels. Check out our full range for more details.


What are key cabinets?

Key cabinets are secure storage units designed for organising and protecting keys. They can range in size from small boxes that can hold one or a few keys, to larger cabinets that can store up to 1000 keys. Key cabinets can be secured using a combination lock or key lock, and most models are wall-mountable.

What is the purpose of a key cabinet?

A key cabinet is designed to securely store and organise keys, usually in a commercial or industrial setting. The primary purpose of a key cabinet is to help manage and control access to keys. By storing keys in a central location, a key cabinet can prevent keys from being lost, stolen or misplaced. It can also provide a clear record of who has access to specific keys and when they were checked out or returned.

Where do I put my lockable key cabinet?

The best place to put a key cabinet is in a secure, easily accessible location that is known to authorised personnel. It should be located out of plain sight and away from public areas to prevent unauthorised access to the keys. It is also recommended to install the key cabinet in a well-lit area with surveillance cameras or security systems for added security.

What is the maximum number of keys the cabinets can hold?

If you’re looking for a key cabinet that can hold up to 1000 keys, then the Manutan Lockable Key Cabinet is the model for you. Use the Number of Keys toggle in the Filter By section to find the right key box or cabinet for your home or business.