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Flat grinding wheel - Ø 200 mm

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Flat grinding wheel - Ø 200 mm
£ 55.90 excl. VAT
£ 67.08 incl. VAT
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For removing lightweight material and sharpening steel tools

  • White aluminium oxide grinding wheel.
  • High-quality aluminium oxide with a high-performance vitrified bond.
  • Grain sizes and hardness adapted for use.
  • Optimises cutting and work at low temperatures for hardened or high-speed steel.
Supplied with 32/20-mm reducing rings to adapt the product to different spindle sizes.


Product Information

Product Name Flat grinding wheel, Grindstone Ø: 200 mm, Cylindre Ø grindstone: 32 mm, Abrasive: Aluminium oxide, Grain: 60
Brand Norton
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Grindstone Ø (mm) 200 mm
Cylindre Ø grindstone (mm) 32 mm
Abrasive Aluminium oxide
Thickness (mm) 25 mm
Colour White
Norm FETA Homologation