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Eco pocket multimeter clip CM 610

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Eco pocket multimeter clip CM 610
CM 610
£ 93.90  excl. VAT
£ 112.68 incl. VAT
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  • Compact.
  • Easy to use.
  • For RMS measurements.
Delivered with 1 case, 1 test prod cord set, 2 batteries.
  • 3 years

Product Information

Product Name Eco pocket multimeter clip CM 610, AC/DC Max. current: 600 A, Model: CM 610, AC/DC Max. voltage: 600 V
Brand Multimetrix
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Model CM 610
AC/DC Max. current (A) 600 A
AC/DC Max. voltage (V) 600 V
Min. AC current (A) 200 A
Max. AC current (A) 600 A
Min. resistance (Ohm) 200 Ohm
Resistance Max. (MOhm) 20 MOhm
EN Norm EN 61010, CAT. III 300 V, EN 61010, CAT. II 600 V
Waste disposal fee (Recupel) NO
Display 2000-point
Customer warranty 3 YEARS
Weight (g) 200 g
Thickness (mm) 37 mm
Width (mm) 71 mm
Cable Max. Ø (mm) 30 mm
DC Max. voltage (V) 600 V
DC Min. voltage (mV) 200 mV
Length (mm) 189 mm