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Briton 996 Electromagnetic Door Closer - Power Size 4 - Fig 66

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Briton 996 Electromagnetic Door Closer - Power Size 4 - Fig 66
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  • Power size 4
  • Interior doors up to 950mm or 60kg max
  • Free swing function Ideal for areas used by the disabled or elderly, as it allows the door to operate without any resistance
  • Electromagnetic holdopen Ideal for busy corridors and preventing fire doors being illegally propped open
  • Backcheck Ideal for high traffic doors as it offers resistance when the door is opened with excessive force, preventing damage to doors
  • Hold open possible between 85 and 110 degrees
  • Input voltage 24VDC
  • Dual handed
  • 120 minute fire rating
  • 10 year guarantee A heavy duty fire door closer suitable for use in public buildings including schools, department stores and hospitals. Linked to the building alarm system, electromagnetic door closers eliminate the dangers and illegal practice of wedging fire doors open.

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Product Name Briton 996 Electromagnetic Door Closer
Conditioning unit
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