Adjustable Fieldgate Hinge Set - 600mm - Galvanised

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Adjustable Fieldgate Hinge Set - 600mm - Galvanised
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  • The most popular field gate hinge set for 75mm gates
  • Supplied with all screws and bolts
  • Set includes top band adjustable bottom fitting with full nuts top hook that bolts through the post and a spiked bottom pin hook that drives into the post
  • The adjustable bottom fitting allows for perfect alignment of the gate within the posts and for adjustments to be made at a later date when the gate timbers settle
  • We stock bolt through hooks as a spare part if you prefer a bolt through fixing for the bottom hook

Product Information

Product Name Adjustable Fieldgate Hinge Set, Material: Steel, Model: Hook and Band Hinge, Length: 600 mm
Conditioning unit
Catalogue page 7

Technical Specification

Model Hook and Band Hinge
Material STEEL
Length (mm) 600 mm