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Your security is our priority. With professional and quality equipment, work in complete safety and minimize the risk of danger. We've worked with specialists and professionals in protection to bring you a selection of quality products.

Our wide range of safety products allow you to protect your hands: with specific gloves, forearm gloves, cut resistant gloves, thermal gloves or even disposable gloves.

For the protection of your head, we offer a wide choice of personal protective equipment such as helmets, bump caps, masks and protective glasses. The personal protection and safety of your staff also involves clothing, we offer you shoes, accessories, bags, pants, handcuffs, jackets, glasses and other products that can protect your employees from the danger they may face.

Safety shoes and safety gloves are essential in certain trades. The size of the shoes or gloves must be well defined in order to provide protection but also comfort during handling. Your employees need shoes and gloves adapted to their morphology in order to do their job well.

Finally, the protection of individuals goes through signage, whether for road, for your premises or for private security, we offer you a choice of panels with different fixings. Your handling agents may be subject to risks during their work. Safety equipment protects against fire, heat or cold, cuts, falls, falling objects, the environment (with signage and barriers / posts) or your chemicals or dangerous. Find the right products that meet the latest standards so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

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