Compact washing trolley

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Compact washing trolley
£ 232.00
£ 278.40 (Incl. VAT)


Light and easy to handle.
  • Impact-resistant cleaning trolley.
Equipped with 1 mop wringer, 1 product-holder basket, 2 buckets (2 x 4-litre), 1 holder for 110-litre bin bags with lid, a bucket (28 L) with two compartments for separating clean and dirty water.

Technical Specification

Product Information Description
Product Name Compact washing trolley, Capacity: 28 L, Material: Plastic, Colour: Green, Height: 112 cm, Width: 56 cm
Brand TTS
Conditioning unit
Technical Specification Description
Capacity (L) 28 L
Height (cm) 112 cm
Width (cm) 56 cm
Length (cm) 110 cm
Material Plastic
Colour GREEN
Customer warranty 3 YEARS
Number of buckets 1