Silver-I Air Cooling Unit

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Silver-I Air Cooling Unit
£ 78.00
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World's first air cooling unit with multistage air purification.
  • Cleans the air of full spectrum of airborne pollutants and harmful micro-organisms.
  • Fully removable water tank allows the tank to be easily filled and cleaned for improved hygiene.
  • A fully multistage filtration system, each filter has a specific function - see below:
  • TiO2 Filter: Removes and deactivates allergens.
  • Anti-Bac Filter: The filter is carbon fabric and is treated with anti-microbial chemicals.
  • Carbon Filter: Absorbs odours, smoke, chemicals, fumes and various organic compounds from the air. This includes life-threatening chemicals!
  • PM2.5 Filter: Washes and cleanses the air, giving a pure and crisp airflow.
  • Pre-Filter: Filters micro-particles such as pollen, dead skin, mould, spores etc.
  • PU Filter: Collects any impurities in the system's water, keeping it absolutely clean. This ensures active washing and filtration of air.

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Product Name Silver-I Air Cooling Unit
Conditioning unit