Heavy Duty Shelving - 800kg UDL

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Heavy duty shelving for warehouses

Heavy duty shelving systems are designed for the safe storage of medium to heavy loads. Here at Manutan, we offer a wide range of heavy duty shelving and racking units to cater for your business’s needs, including storage solutions from leading manufacturer Rapid 1.

Types of heavy duty shelving units we offer includes:

  • Steel industrial shelving - this is popular in warehouses thanks to its robust design durability - you can find open or closed options depending on your requirements.
  • Boltless shelving - these types of shelves make for a quick and easy assembly as all you need to set them up is a heavy duty mallet.
  • Kanban shelving bays - these feature sloping shelves which makes the containers stored on them easily accessible to staff, making them ideal for production-side supply systems.
  • Customisable options - here at Manutan, we are also proud to offer customisable bays so you can design a product that best matches your needs (selecting your desired height, width, depth,load capacity,number of shelves and more).

We have shelving available with galvanised steel, melamine or chipboard decks.

Can’t find the shelving solution you’re looking for or have any questions about our products? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be more than happy to assist you.


What is UDL?

UDL stands for Uniform Distributed Load and relates to the weight applied evenly over the whole deck of the shelving unit. Essentially, it tells you how much weight can be stored on your shelves safely and you must take care to ensure you don’t place too much weight on your shelving or racking to protect those in your workplace (as well as stock itself!).

What is the load capacity of heavy duty shelving units?

The maximum load capacity of shelving varies across models and manufacturers. The maximum UDL of our heavy duty shelving units here at Manutan are 800kg.

Which shelving unit is right for me?

Finding the right type of shelving is essential for the smooth running of your warehouse, here are some things to consider to help with your decision:

  • Accessibility - ensuring that you and your employees can easily access your shelves safely and efficiently is essential for the smooth running of your warehouse. For example, you may opt for an open shelving unit which can be accessed from both sides. You should also consider how accessible the unit will be for forklifts and pallet trucks as they will require extra space in the aisle to manoeuvre.
  • Cost - your budget will inevitably have to be factored into your decision and here at Manutan, we offer a range of products to suit all budgets
  • Floor space - think about the size of your warehouse and choose an option which maximises floor space (i.e. a racking system with several shelves).
  • How you will be picking - consider how your goods will be used or dispatched so you understand how stock might be moved around and need to be stored.
  • What you’re storing - ultimately, you need to think about the type of goods and the amount of items you will be storing. This will help you to determine the right size and load capacity of the unit.

How to label warehouse shelves?

Labelling your shelving units will help to streamline your processes as employees can easily find the items they need.Here are a few tips on labelling your warehouse shelves:

  • Keep it consistent by using the same labelling system.
  • Number shelves from the ground up - this will give you the flexibility to expand your shelving without needing to re-label shelves.
  • Mark your aisles alphabetically.
  • Choose labelling which has a suitable adhesive to prevent any peeling. Other options include magnetic label holders and other signage or marking.
  • If you’re using an alphanumeric system, use a zero in all numbers below ten (i.e. 01,02 etc.).

It’s worth considering the type of surfaces your labels will be applied to, your picking system as well as the type of scanning technology you use.

What are the benefits of heavy duty shelves?

Heavy duty shelving can really improve efficiency in your warehouse - here are just some ways they can benefit your business:

  • They can support heavier goods, keeping your shelving units safe and stable.
  • They’re space efficient - heavy duty shelving can be built into a multi-level system so you can maximise the amount of space you have in your warehouse.They can also be used in combination with other types of shelving and racking such as pallet racking.
  • They help you to organise your warehouse more effectively so employees can easily navigate their way through aisles as inventories are both visible and accessible.
  • There’s customisable options so you can choose the right sizes, colours and additional features to meet your requirements.
  • They’re versatile and can be used to store a variety of products.
  • They’re durable and designed to stand the test of time, resisting wear and tear.
  • They’re a cost effective option for warehouses that require a large amount of storage space.

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