Full Face Visor CE Compliant Shield Durable

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Full Face Visor CE Compliant Shield Durable
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Offers protection from infection when around customers and colleagues.
  • The DURABLE CE Certified face visor forms a barrier that reduces the transfer of droplets, keeping you and others safe from viruses.
  • The gap between the face and visor provides excellent air circulation, reducing any fogging of the shield.
  • Comfortably fits over glasses or face masks.
  • CE-compliant PPE, according to (EU) 2016/425 category II and EN 166:2001.
  • The polycarbonate visor is both disinfectable and reusable and can be replaced easily.
  • Covers the mouth, nose and eyes while keeping the wearer's facial expressions visible.
  • The headband has a comfortable 5mm foam padding that protects the forehead.
  • The visor can be lifted, i.e. when working on a computer, and is designed to give the wearer sufficient freedom of movement, even with a tilted head.
  • There is a film on the visor to protect against scratches.
  • An adjustable plastic fastener snaps into place, allowing the wearer to set the headband's size to suit.
  • The clear polycarbonate meets Optical Class 1, giving the highest level of v

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Product Name Full Face Visor CE Compliant Shield Durable, Special Covid-19: yes
Conditioning unit

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Special Covid-19 YES