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Equip yourself with the right products this winter

Let's warm up your winter days!

Discover our range of heaters and radiators to help keep your workspaces warm whilst minimising costs.

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Winter Kits

Our range of high-quality, weather-resistant grit bins will keep your business running through the worst weather conditions.

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Our salt spreaders are perfect for clearing snow from large spaces such as car parks and pavements, keeping customers and employees safe. Road salt and grit are available for free next-day delivery from Manutan UK.

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De-Icing Salt

Our de-icing salt/melt ranges are suitable for clearing car parks, driveways, pavements, and other high-traffic areas. Free next-day delivery from Manutan UK.

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Winter Clothing

Winter can be difficult for your employees, especially when it's windy and snowy. Equip your staff with high-quality workwear so they can work in warmth and comfort.

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Snow Shovels

Our wide range of specialized snow shovels is perfect for clearing away heavy snow to keep your site clear and accessible.

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Flood Defence

Protect yourself and your property. Flood defence kits allow you to control water levels, increase safety, and minimise flood damage.

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Winter Site Lighting

We provide reliable and high-quality site lights, torches, and lanterns that are ideal for your construction site or working environment during the winter.

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Digital Catalogue - Equip yourself with the right products this winter

Discover our products selection for winter essentials!


Winter Building Maintenance

Manutan offers expert solutions for premises maintenance. From pothole repair equipment and grit salt to ice-melting products and barriers. Manutan has everything you'll need to face the most severe of winters.

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