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Winter Kits

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We understand that you want things to be easy, so we've helped you save extra time by finding products that work great together in order to make sure you have everything that you need to keep your workplace safe this winter, and all for a great price.

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De Icing Salt

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When the icy weather hits, you want to be ready for it. From De-icing grit and salt right through to liquid ice melt, we can help you keep your pathways, car parks and roads safe from ice and snow this winter.
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Salt Spreaders

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Along with our range of salts, grits and liquid ice melt products, we stock a number of products to help safely distribute them in order to ensure complete coverage and efficient usage. From Backpack sprayers and heavy duty commercial salt spreaders, right through to adjustable shoulder bags and complete kits, we're the one stop shop for winter preparation.
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If you're looking to avoid the winter wonderland outside, Manutan UK have a range of heaters to suit a wide variety of needs. Whether you need an electric heater, a halogen heater or an oil heater we can accomodate your needs and more.
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Grit Bins

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We understand that when the snow and ice hits the UK, you need to be able to protect your supply of salt and grit. With our grit salt bins, you can be confident that your winter supplies will be safe and ready when you need them.
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Snow Shovels

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If you need to dig your way out of the snow, we can help. We stock heavy duty snow shovels, snow rotators and snow ploughs. Everything you'll need to keep employees and visitors safe when on site.

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Flood Defence

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It's something that is becoming more and more common across the United Kingdom. We are here to help you prepare and protect yourself and your business from the risks of flooding.
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Winter Clothing

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Wrap up warm this winter with help from Manutan UK. If you're working outside in the cold weather, it's important that you've got the tools to keep you safe and warm so make sure you look at our Hat and Glove sets, as well as winter jackets and footwear to help beat the cold and high vis jackets to make sure you're visible now that the days are getting shorter.
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