Grit Bins, Shovels and Spreaders – Keep Your Premises Clear of Ice and Snow

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When the snow starts to fall keeping your carparks/walkways clear can be a challenge. Manutan UK have a fantastic winter range including grit bins, shovels and spreaders

Snow shovels

The most basic is the shovel, this is a versatile tool as you can use it to first clear away the excess snow and then spread the salt on the cleared surface. Key supplies a set of snow shovels that can be stored in vehicles for emergency use or on site.

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Snow ploughs

When you think of a snow plough you might have a vision of a large truck like the Council use to clear the roads. There are alternatives:

  • the light duty snow plough is ideal for lighter snow falls and clearing smaller areas
  • an adjustable snow plough mounted on the front of a fork lift truck can clear large areas of deeper snow.

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Keeping the salt dry is extremely important when it is not in use.

Key have a range of plastic grit bins.

  • The 75ltr mobile grit bin allows you to move the salt to where you need it
  • The larger 200ltr and 350ltr grit bins are able to store much more for use in different areas and are ideal for having at strategic points on your site so you can access the salt as needed.

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Ice melt sprayers

An alternative to salt is to use an ice melt spray, this comes in liquid form and can melt snow and ice it also keeps it from reforming right down to an effective temperature of -25°C.

The spray does not damage carpets when it is walked into the building; it is 100% organic eco-friendly and non-toxic for humans, pets and vegetation.

To use the ice melt liquid there are a range of sprayers available:

  • The “backpack sprayer” can hold up to 15ltr and weighs 4.2kg unloaded,
  • The 22ltr “push along” sprayer has pneumatic tyres making it easy to move to where you need it and can melt up to 2500m2 of snow and ice before needing to be refilled.

All the items discussed in this article are available from the Manutan UK winter store range so there is no excuse for not having clear walkaways this winter.

Victoria Vaughan