Tesa® silent adhesive polypropylene - 4195 PV2

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Tesa® silent adhesive polypropylene - 4195 PV2
£ 73.90  excl. VAT
£ 88.68 incl. VAT
pack of 36 units £ 2.05 per unit


Seal medium-weight boxes manually or automatically
  • Very highly adhesive tape.
  • Perfect and immediate sealing after application.
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and high temperatures.
  • Packing tape suitable for long-term storage.

Boxes can be filled securely, right to the brim!

Chlorine-free product, manufactured with mineral oil derivatives only: eco-friendly recycling process.

Product Information

Product Name Tesa® silent adhesive polypropylene - 4195 PV2
Brand Tesa
Conditioning pack of 36 units

Technical Specification

Model 4195 PV2
Material Polypropylene
Support thickness (µm) 60 µm
Width (mm) 50 mm
Length (mm) 66 mm
Adhesive material Acrylic
Max. stretch before breaking point (%) 140 %
Quiet yes
What to package Medium volume, Light product
How to package Close, Package in cardboard
Use environment of the tape Damp environment
Printed tape no