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Polyethylene Bubble Wrap

Polyethylene Bubble Wrap
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from £ 42.00  excl. VAT
From £ 50.40 incl. VAT
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Product options

There are 3 options to select from

Roll Ø (mm)
660 mm

Roll width (mm)
1000 mm

Roll length (m)
100 m

£ 42.00 unit

Roll Ø (mm)
740 mm

Roll width (mm)
1500 mm

Roll length (m)
150 m

£ 86.50 unit

Roll Ø (mm)
660 mm

Roll width (mm)
500 mm

Roll length (m)
100 m

£ 42.00 pack of 2 units


Absorbs shocks and also protects your products from moisture and dust.
  • Ultra-protective against impacts, damp and dust.
  • Flexible, fits all shapes.
  • Unalterable material.
  • Heat-weldable bubble wrap.
  • All Manutan products are tested and approved by our teams.
This bubble wrap does not contain toxic compounds such as heavy metals, sulphur-based substances, chlorine etc. Recyclable product.
  • 3 years

Product Information

Product Name Polyethylene Bubble Wrap
Brand Manutan

Technical Specification

Bubble Ø (mm) 10 mm
Centre Ø (mm) 60 mm
Material Polyethylene
Film thickness (µm) 35 µm
How to package Fix into place, Protect
What to package High volume, Small volume, Medium volume, Fragile product
Customer warranty 3 years