Pallet Racking Kit - Holds 18 Pallets - Sized (H)1000 x (w)800 x (D)1200

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Pallet Racking Kit - Holds 18 Pallets - Sized (H)1000 x (w)800 x (D)1200
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Pallet racking system which will hold 18 pallets with dimensions of (H)1000mm x (W)800mm x (D)1200mm
  • Consists of a starter and extension bay (Single bays are not advisable)
  • Hard wearing powder coated Blue/Orange finish
  • 2 levels included
  • Holds up to 2000kg UDL per shelf
  • Suitable for pallets sized 1000h x 800w x 1200d
  • Holds up to 650kg UDL per pallet
  • Manufactured according to European FEM standards
  • Decking and corner protection sold separately
  • Other sizes available

Product Information

Product Name Pallet Racking Kit, Max. load per level: 2000 kg, Height: 3000 mm, Number of shelves: 2, Width: 5717 mm
Brand Rapid pallet racking
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Model 1000kg UDL per pallet
Number of shelves 2
Number of beams 8
Number of frames 3
Height (mm) 3000 mm
Width (mm) 5717 mm
Depth (mm) 1100 mm
Max. load per level (kg) 2000 kg
Frame colour Blue/orange
Shelving for Pallets