How to improve your warehouse product packaging process?

Discover the essential items to package, protect and ship all your products safely to your customers. At Manutan, you will discover many packaging options for shipping your products keeping them safe and secure during transportation.

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6 essential steps of the packaging process

Step 1

Choose the appropriate external packaging:

  • Single wall
  • Double wall
  • Triple wall
  • Postal cardboard Box
  • Jiffy bag
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Step 2

Protective packaging:

  • Bubble wrap and foam
  • Void and loose fill
  • Protective paper
  • Plastic bag
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Step 3

Seal and label

  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Label
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Step 4

Store on pallet

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal
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Step 5

Pallet Package Protection

  • Stretch film
  • Edge protector
  • Corner protector
  • Strapping
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Step 6

Package transportation:

  • Pallet truck
  • Picking trolley
  • Roll cage
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Step 1: Choose the right type of external packaging

To package, protect and ship all types of products, Manutan offers cardboard boxes, postal boxes and tubes and postal bags and evelopes tailored to your needs.

Cardboard box

Select the perfect cardboard box for all of your mailings, customer deliveries, or for simply storing your merchandise.

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Postal Box and Shipping Tube

When sending a parcel by post, it is important to select the suitable size box for your item. The cardboard postal box is durable, protective, and sturdy, and it can accommodate all of your packages.

Postal tubes are convenient for shipping all your rolled up products such as posters or important documents.

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Jiffy bags and Envelopes

For any product shipment, it is necessary to choose the appropriate packaging for your needs.

  • Cardboard envelopes are ideal for shipping documents that need to be kept flat, they are the best protection against creasing and tearing.
  • The padded bubble pouch is suitable for protecting small, fragile or thin products.
  • Jiffy bags or bubble envelopes are suitable for sending different sized fragile products.
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Single, double or triple ... each box has its own cardboard grooves!

Choose the wall type of your box according to the weight, fragility, transport and storage conditions of your products.

Simple wall

Double wall

Triple wall

Resistant up to 30 kg.
It perfectly protects your light or load-bearing products (which fill the entire interior volume of the packaging and can withstand stacking).
Very resistant, up to 70 kg.
It effectively protects your heavy, fragile and non-load-bearing products (the packaging supports all constraints).
Very robust, up to 500 kg (thickness 15 mm).
It supports the heaviest and most fragile loads, difficult transport, exports and long-term storage.

Which cardbox is suitable?

  Simple wall Double wall Triple wall Pallet box Wooden case Moving crate Fast assembly box
Light loads          
Average loads          
Heavy loads      
For export        
For removals      
  See See See See See See See

Single wall

Resistant up to 30 kg.
It perfectly protects your light or load-bearing products (which fill the entire interior volume of the packaging and can withstand stacking).

Double wall

Very resistant, up to 70 kg.
It effectively protects your heavy, fragile and non-load-bearing products (the packaging supports all constraints).

Triple wall

Very robust, up to 500 kg (thickness 15 mm).
It supports the heaviest and most fragile loads, difficult transport, exports and long-term storage.

Which cardbox is suitable?

Single wall : light loads See

Double wall : medium loads, for moving See

Triple wall : heavy loads, for export, for moving See

Pallet box : Heavy loads, for export See

Wooden case : heavy loads, for export See

Moving crate : heavy loads, for moving See

Fast assembly box : light loads, medium loads, for moving See

Step 2: Protect the product during transport

It is important to protect and secure your items during transport. For this, Manutan offers you various products to stabilise your objects inside the box while protecting them from possible shocks as well as sudden movements during transport.

Zip bag

Products that need to be steady during shipping or are fragile might benefit from using air cushions. Use the cushions inside the cardboard box to fill any empty places and support your goods.

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Air Cushion

Air Cushions are useful for products that are fragile and or need to be stable throughout transport. It is necessary to stabilise your product using the cushions inside the cardboard box to fill the empty spaces.

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Bubble wrap and foam wrap

Bubble wrap is suitable for protecting components, electrical equipment, fragile or light products. It effectively protects and holds your products.The air bubbles guarantee shock absorption and cushion your fragile products during their packaging or dispatch. The foam wrap protects fragile surfaces and guarantees protection against scratches. It is suitable for products such as windows, fragile parts, furniture etc.

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Protective paper

Depending on the product to be wrapped, choose the wrapping paper that meets your needs. If you want to pack a heavy product, we advise you to use kraft paper. It is resistant and strong to tears and punctures. If you want to transport, wedge or separate products in a cardboard box, we suggest corrugated cardboard. Both robust and light, it secures all your items throughout the transport.

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Void and Loose fill

The loose fill is used to hold and stabilise your products inside the cardboard box. They absorb shocks and cushion potentional fall throughs.

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Foam block

Foam plates and blocks protect the products from impact. They are perfect for protecting stacked objects. In addition, they prevent your products from moving in your cardboard box and thus ensure better support.

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Packing table
For optimal packing, we suggest using a packing table.You have to hand everything you need to package your product: a tape dispenser, envelopes, jiffy bags, pouches, labels, etc. The packaging table is designed to improve productivity.

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Step 3: Seal and label your packages

Manutan offers you a wide choice of labels and adhesives in order to identify and secure your parcels as well as possible.

Tape, stapler and glue

Ideal for closing and identifying your boxes or bags quickly for safe shipping. Manutan offers a wide range of adhesive tapes such as polypropylene adhesives, PVC adhesives, transparent adhesives, colored adhesives etc.

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Labels are ideal for identifying all of your packages and envelopes.

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Box Cutter and safety knife
Our safety knives guarantee you optimal protection with each use and allow you to cut rigid materials without risk.

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Step 4: Store your packages

It is important to choose the correct type of pallet to store your packages on. Different types of pallets have different benefits, allowing you to efficiently store and transport your cardboard boxes within your warehouse.

Plastic pallet

The plastic pallet is recommended for storing light or medium loads. It is generally used for storage in logistics centers and warehouses. The plastic pallet is not suitable for shipping.

It benefits from being much lighter than a wood pallet and is easier to handle and transport loads.

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Wood pallet

The storage and movement of objects of substantial size can be easily facilitated thanks to the use of the wooden pallet. It is recognized for its great strength because it can withstand loads of up to 2,500 kg.

The wooden pallet adapts to all types of goods, it is easy to handle, especially during rotations, and it is easy to repair. It can therefore be considered "eco-friendly" because it is used several times before being recycled.

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Metal pallet

The metal pallet is very strong and resistant. This is ideal for storing heavy loads. Very robust, they are particularly suitable for intensive use. It is advisable to move the metal pallets using a forklift or pallet truck.

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Step 5: Protect your packages

In order to secure and maintain the goods on your pallets, we recommend that you overwrap them using our rolls of stretch film, corner and edge protectors as well as our various straps.

Stretch film and unwinder

It is essential to protect your pallets with stretch film. Stretch film ensures the stability of your cardboard boxes on your pallets during transport or storage. Using stretch film helps to secure and protect your goods from dust as well as moisture during storage.

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Edge and corner protection

Edge and corner protectors improve the safety of the goods on the pallets and safeguard the packages when they are being strapped. They also make palletised loads more stable and provide maximum cohesion.

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Which stretch film to choose according to your need?

  Manual stretch film Movie Cast Pre-stretched film Blown film Opaque film
Tear resistance
Excellent grip        
Resistance to low temperatures, rough handling and aggressive treatment        
High UV protection        
For same sized medium weight pallets      
For sized medium and awkward sized pallets        
For sensitive products        
Snug fitting        

Strapping kit

The strapping kit ensures the stability of your cardboard boxes on your pallets during transport or storage. Straps and strapping accessories are essential for optimal support during transportation. You must use the appropriate form of strap for your needs in order to secure your small, medium, or heavy weights.

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Strapping tools

In order to facilitate the strapping of your pallets, there is a multitude of essential tools such as: tensioners (manual and automatic), shears, crimping pliers, etc.

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What type of strap to use?


up to 300 kg

  • Light loads such as parcels, pallets.
  • Short term storage


up to 500 kg

  • Very heavy compacted loads such as boxboard, wood, construction materials.
  • Long-term storage, outdoors

Stainless steel

up to 1.6 tonnes

  • Very heavy, rigid, little compressible loads , protruding angles, hot strapping and bundling.
  • Long-term storage, outdoors

Glued or woven textile

up to 2.5 tonnes

  • Fragile, heavy and varying loads such as wood, bales etc.
  • Outdoor storage and transport.

Step 6: Transport your packages

It is important to transport your products safetly to avoid damaging them but also to protect the people handling them.

Pallet truck

For the handling of heavy loads in your warehouse, the use of a pallet truck is essential. This type of equipment saves a lot of time and allows important transfers to be carried out with complete peace of mind. Several models of pallet trucks are available, including electric.

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Order picking trolley

Stable and handy, the order picking trolley is ideal for loading and distributing your cardboard boxes. You can put many boxes on the trolley shelves to save time when distributing or storing cardboard boxes.

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