Korrvu cardboard shipping box - With integrated dunnage

Korrvu cardboard shipping box - With integrated dunnage
Step 3: Place the object in the plastic pouch
Step 2: Fold the bottom flap of the box
Step 1: Lay your box flat
Step 6: Close and shake to check that nothing moves!
Step 5: Fold down the top flap
Step 4: Fold the 2 side flaps, the plastic stretches and grips the object
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pack of 50 units £ 4.60 per unit
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Protect your fragile products from impact and vibration
  • Cardboard shipping box with ingenious and innovative ultra-protector system.
  • Product is stored inside the plastic film pocket.
  • Plastic film is resistant and resilient to high friction, protecting the product from impact and vibration.
  • Pre-cut and pre-shaped cardboard envelope with sections and support tabs.
  • Ultimate protection ensured by the tension of the pouch when folded for the last time.

Ship without fear... of turbulence!

Recycled material used and a recyclable product: Contains a minimum of 30% recycled material, can be recycled at pulp paper recycling facilities by wet processing for corrugated cardboard.
Delivered flat. Stored flat.
  • yes

Product Information

Product Name Korrvu cardboard shipping box - With integrated dunnage
Brand Sealed Air
Conditioning pack of 50 units

Technical Specification

Colour Tan
Material Kraft board
For format Multiple
Inner lining Anti-static polyurethane 60 µm
What to package Fragile product, Light product, Vulnerable product, Small volume
How to package Send, Protect, Package in cardboard
Recyclable yes