Armorgard LoadAll Board Trolley

Armorgard LoadAll Board Trolley
from £ 504.00
From£ 604.80 (Incl. VAT)
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1500 kg Load capacity (kg)
Load capacity (kg)
1500 kg

O/A length (mm)
2100 mm

O/A width (mm)
750 mm

O/A height (mm)
1150 mm

£ 1,210.00 unit

750 kg Load capacity (kg)
Load capacity (kg)
750 kg

O/A length (mm)
1350 mm

O/A width (mm)
550 mm

O/A height (mm)
1130 mm

£ 504.00 unit


Unique space-saving trolley to transport large sheets or board materials.
  • Centre A-Frame design centralises weight distribution.
  • No detachable sections to prevent loss of parts and maximise stability.
  • Carries up to 24 sheets of plasterboard.
  • Stackable unit minimises required storage space.
  • Complete with safe work load plates certifying a capacity of up to 1 tonne.
1500kg version comes with attached wooden support beams
  • 1500

Product Information

Product Name Armorgard LoadAll Board Trolley
Brand Armorgard
Conditioning unit