64L Really Useful Storage Plastic Boxes - Pallet Buy of 30 Units

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64L Really Useful Storage Plastic Boxes - Pallet Buy of 30 Units
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Thirty 64-litre clear, strong plastic boxes ideal for bulk storage.
  • Store up to 8 lever arch folders and hang suspension files in each box.
  • Integral lip accepts foolscap files.
  • The boxes can be stacked with or without lids, offering a space-saving solution.
  • Detachable lid with clip lock handles, keeping contents secure and moisture-free.
  • Flat 'honeycomb' patterned base reinforces the box for increased rigidity.
  • Reinforced corners increase compression strength.
  • Manufactured in the UK from recyclable and translucent plastic, making it easier to locate your stored items.
  • Working temperature from -15°C to +80°C.

Product Information

Product Name 64L Really Useful Storage Plastic Boxes, Capacity: 64 L, Nestable: yes, O/A height: 310 mm, O/A width: 440 mm
Brand Really Useful Products Ltd
Conditioning unit
Catalogue page 7

Technical Specification

Capacity (L) 64 L
O/A length (mm) 710 mm
Nestable yes
O/A width (mm) 440 mm
O/A height (mm) 310 mm
Colour Clear
Effective length (mm) 605 mm
Effective width (mm) 370 mm
Stackable yes
Effective height (mm) 280 mm