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Discover our top products, services, and advice to help your company stay cool during the summer!

Fans, Air Conditioning & Purification VIEW ALL

Fans, air conditioning and purification units perfect for office use! Great prices and great service along with free next day delivery!

Outdoor Furniture VIEW ALL

Discover our fantastic range of durable and weather resistant outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Maintenance VIEW ALL

Maintaining your external environment contributes in more ways than one to increasing employee well-being, which is why we have designed our product line to give you everything you need to preserve your outside spaces.

Events & Pedestrian Control VIEW ALL

We provide a wide choice of equipment to meet all your event and pedestrian control needs.

Water Coolers & Catering VIEW ALL

Watercoolers and catering products will undoubtedly play a role in keeping your team hydrated and continuing to maintain efficiency no matter how warm things get outside.

Shelters and Cycle Racks VIEW ALL

As the weather gets warmer employees are encouraged to cycle to work. We offer a great range of racks and shelters to protect bicycles from all weather, vandalism, and theft.

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