Sack trucks (also called sack barrows, hand carts or hand trucks) are used to make moving heavy loads easier.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a sack truck. The load capacity of a truck is dependent on the wheel type, material and construction of the sack truck. The load capacity of our sack trucks ranges from 50kg to 500kg.

Toe Plate

The toe plate is the loading point of the truck and can also be referred to as foot plate, platform, shoe or ledge.

A fixed toe is smaller than a folding toe plate, but will typically have a higher load capacity.

Folding toe plates are normally larger, allowing you to carry bulkier items. As the name suggests, it also folds into the sack truck reducing the truck’s storage space.

Some sack trucks have a combination of a fixed toe plate and a folding toe plate. This option is ideal if you plan to transport a range of different load types.


Standard handles have 2 handles on either side of the sack truck. They require both hands to use and may have knuckle guards, which help protect the hands from the load.

The loop handle can be used single handedly; allowing the other hand to be free for steadying the load or to open doors. They are also easier to pull over obstructions.

A variation of the loop handle is the P handle, which allows the truck to be loaded horizontally before being raised to the tilted or upright position.

Dual handles are a combination of the loop handle and 2 separate handles. This allows you to switch between handles depending on the load type and terrain you’re tackling.

Wheel Type

Solid rubber tyres are not air filled so will not puncture or go flat over time and require no maintenance. They are ideal for smooth flat surfaces, such as warehouses and offices.

Pneumatic tyres are designed to move easily over uneven ground. They are filled with air which absorbs bumps and shocks. Like a bicycle or car tyre, these tyres can be pumped up and may puncture. When these tyres are under a heavy load it can be harder to initiate movement.

Stair climbing trolleys have stairclimber (or star) wheels which are designed for moving loads up or down stairs, steps or curbs. The 3 linked wheels rotate to ensure a wheel is always touching a step. When being moved up or down steps by 1 person the load should not exceed 50kg.

Some sack trucks also have wheel guards. They help to protect the wheels from the load as well as keeping the load clean if the ground is muddy or wet.


Steel sack trucks have the highest load capacities. They are strong and durable, making them suitable for heavy duty use.

Aluminium sack trucks are light and easy to carry or transport, making them ideal for delivery drivers. They are still strong but will tend to have a lower load capacity than steel sack trucks. Aluminium is also rust resistant. Some of the aluminium sack trucks fold down for compact storage and easy transport. These lightweight folding trolleys are perfect for exhibitions, office and shop use.