Mobile Speed Bump - 20000kg Capacity

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Mobile Speed Bump - 20000kg Capacity
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Suitable for temporary use around carparks and warehouses.
  • Manufactured for easy use in non long-term situations.
  • Folding design allows for compact storage.
  • Light in weight making it suitable for all users.
  • 13 mph maximum speed limit for traffic.
  • Comes complete with storage bag.

Slow down traffic to suit your needs.

Order 2 end pieces per speed bump (optional).

Product Information

Product Name Mobile Speed Bump, Model: DH-PSP-1, Material: PU rubber, Length: 250 mm, Width: 3000 mm, Height: 25 mm
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Model DH-PSP-1
Material PU rubber
Length (mm) 250 mm
Width (mm) 3000 mm
Height (mm) 25 mm
Colour Black/yellow
Weight (kg) 11 kg
Max. load (t) 20 t
Customer warranty 1 year