Flex watering hose - L: 25 m

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Flex watering hose - L: 25 m
£ 80.90 excl. VAT
£ 97.08 incl. VAT
25 meters £ 3.24 per unit
This product is currently not available.


  • Reinforced spiral-woven hose with carbon: great shape stability.
  • Highly pressure-resistant.
  • Perfect connection between hose and connection with PowerGrip band.
  • Highly flexible hose with good sliding along floor.
Contains no phthalates or heavy metals.
Note: The minimum order is 25 metres.


Product Information

Product Name Flex watering hose, Ø: 25 mm, Length: 25 m, Model: Flex coil, 1 m, Max. pressure: 25 bar
Brand Gardena
Conditioning 25 meters

Technical Specification

Model Flex coil, 1 m
Length (m) 25 m
Max. pressure (bar) 25 bar
Customer warranty 20 years