Manutan Professional Services
Risk assessment, testing, cleaning & disinfection

Ensure your facilities are safe, compliant and operational in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We have partnered with two leading UK companies and created packages that are ideal for businesses of all sizes to help them manage the threat of Covid-19.

Swab testing
and risk assessment services

As part of this package, businesses will also receive Covid-19 risk assessment audit materials, which they can complete in their own time following completion of the training.

Alternatively, if you have completed your Covid-19 risk assessment and require verification from an external body to ensure complete accuracy and compliance, the Secure Plus package is ideal. It combines all of the benefits in the original Secure Package, plus SOCOTEC staff will also verify the completed risk assessment as an additional support service.

Businesses will also have access to consultancy support for one month following training.

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What is ULV disinfection fogging?

Extremely small droplets of a disinfectant settle on inaccessible areas to enable the treatment of large areas in a short space of time.

What is touchpoint cleaning?

Cleaning and disinfection of common touchpoints, such as door handles, to minimise the risk of microbial transfer.

Specialist disinfection to assist with Coronavirus containment and control

In the event of a confirmed or suspected case of Coronavirus on your premises, we can provide you with a specialist disinfection service within 72 hours of the case being reported. The safety of our technicians and the general public comes first and foremost to us, and this is why our thorough risk assessed infection control measures go beyond the minimum requirements set by the World Health Organizations (WHO) guidance. As an example of this, our technicians use full face respirators instead of half face respirators to provide them with full protection.

Our technicians, upon arrival to your premises, will survey your site wearing appropriate protective PPE equipment. Specialist disinfection will be carried out by our team of technicians to any rooms and areas where there has been a suspected or confirmed Coronavirus infection using a combination of high-level surface disinfectant (Steri-7) and, if required, disinfection fogging (ULV) to disinfect across larger areas.

Steri-7 kills up to 99.9999% of a broad range of pathogens within seconds of contact and has been tested against feline Coronavirus; a surrogate of Coronavirus*. The Rentokil Disinfection service utilises specially formulated micro emulsion technology that applies an active barrier which can persist and kill for hours afterwards. Our supplier's Laboratory testing showed the barrier killing microbes (including pathogens) 72 hours after application. So long as the barrier is not wiped away, our treatment provides residual protection and biosecurity reassurance between cleans.

Ultra low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging, which involves using a fogger to generate extremely small droplets of disinfectant fog, may also be used when required. All treatment recommendations will be discussed during the initial survey.

Any waste will be disposed of in a safe and legally compliant manner to prevent cross contamination and will follow the Coronavirus: infection prevention and control guidance as set out by Public Health England. All waste will be handled as clinical waste and will be correctly segregated, transported and disposed of in line with clinical waste regulations. Our ADR licenced waste management technicians will then transport this waste for disposal by incineration. Full traceability, in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 will be provided, including a hazardous waste consignment note.

Specialist disinfection after 72 hours.

We also provide a specialist disinfection service for premises which may have been contaminated by any confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus more than 72 hours ago where government guidance indicates that the level of infectious virus on any infected surface is likely to have significantly decreased.