Storage Bins – how do you use yours?

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Storage bins aka picking or parts bins, call them what you like – they are the unsung heroes of storage in businesses around the country.

Cafe 4Zero Ringwood
You may think you know them; but the supposedly ordinary plastic box – teamed with a strong louvre panel offers handy features to help any business.

From large factories to your local milkshake café!

Cafe 4 Zero in Ringwood make mouth watering milkshakes any chocaholic would be delighted by.

The owner, Marianne found a creative way to store all ingredients – from the classic Mars Bar to the mouth watering Lindor chocolates…

…Whilst adding some colour to the walls!


  1. Marianne chose storage bins so she can reach for them quickly.

‘Having the ingredients within arms reach makes it much quicker for me. I don’t need to spend time opening a cupboard – then digging around for the ingredients I need.

  1. Like the New Yorkers did – if you can’t build outwards, build upwards.

‘I don’t have a huge amount of space in the prep area, mounting ingredients on the wall saves a lot of space. Plus – it stops me tripping over boxes!’

Cafe 4zero

3. Colour code or label boxes for quick identification.

‘As you can see I use the labels rather than colour code – then reuse the boxes and change the labels if I need to. But I did buy a variety of colours to brighten up the walls.

4. Efficiency is everything.

‘As I work alone, during busy times it’s important for me to be as quick as possible. The bins make it much faster to see what I need to for the milkshakes – it also makes restocking quicker.’

5. Who doesn’t like to save time on cleaning?

‘Chocolate can get messy if it melts, so I tend to wipe my bins clean – quick & easy!’

6. They are perfect for awkwardly shaped objects (like the Toblerone – but that’s why we love them!)

‘Chocolate bars and packets can be awkwardly shaped, – they don’t stack neatly without a box so it’s perfect for keeping the place neat & tidy.’

Marianne has done an amazing job of thinking outside the box (no pun intended) & put these nifty boxes to good use!

Thank you to her and Café 4 Zero for giving us a sneak peek into the business – you should try their delicious milkshakes!

Any business can benefit from storage bins – read our blog on how they help production lines here.

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Victoria Vaughan