5 Unique Features of Plastic Storage Boxes

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Plastic storage boxes have become indispensable in our daily lives, offering a versatile and practical solution for organising and storing various items. While they may seem like simple containers, plastic storage boxes boast several unique features that set them apart from other storage solutions. In this blog, we will explore five of these distinctive attributes that make plastic storage boxes an essential part of any workspace. From durability and transparency to stackability and portability, these features make plastic storage boxes a valuable asset in our quest for order and convenience. So, let’s dive in and discover what makes these containers stand out in the world of storage solutions.

1. Did you know not all storage boxes protect against sunlight

Personal items such as vinyl, paperwork, magazine collections and even clothing can be discoloured by the sun. The standard transparent boxes will allow you to easily view what’s inside the box, however they won’t protect the contents against sunlight.

For any items that may fade or become distorted opt for a solid colour storage box. These boxes are also ideal for expensive items you don’t want people to see.

2. Did you know plastic storage boxes can be affected by the temperature?

Hot and cold temperatures can affect us all, including plastic storage boxes!

If a box is stored outside of its recommended temperature range:

  • The box could become brittle when very cold
  • It could change shape and distort in hot temperatures
  • The colour may fade or go yellow on transparent boxes

If you plan to store your box in particularly hot or cold conditions, it is worth checking the working temperature of the box. Then you can pick a box that you know will last well, wherever you decide to store it.

3. Did you know that plastic boxes can be used to filter water?

Really Useful Boxes were used by the charity Trade Aid to build a water filtration system in Tanzania.

The team drilled holes in the boxes and filled them with sand and stones to filter the water. Dirty water was poured into the top box and left to filter through to the bottom, where they used a tap to dispense the clean water. What inventive uses can you come up with?!

4. Did you know you can use plastic boxes to file your paperwork?

Filing is never an exciting task – it’s one that can easily be put off until you’re left with a mountain of paperwork.

If you don’t have space for filing cabinets, a space-saving and affordable solution is to use a storage box which fits foolscap files. De-clutter your workspace and then simply store the box under your desk or in a cupboard.

5. Did you know some storage boxes are stronger than others?

Really Useful Boxes are designed to be robust. Did you know they can take the weight of a person (or 4)?!

Their flat honeycomb base provides increased rigidity and the reinforced corners increase compression strength. These boxes are ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as transporting tools, recycling glass waste and removals.

The extra strong boxes can even be used for parcel deliveries or airfreight.

In summary, plastic storage boxes offer a range of unique features that make them indispensable for organising our lives. Their durability, transparency, stackability, and portability all contribute to their versatility and convenience. Manutan offers a wide range of storage boxes.

Manutan offers a wide range of storage containers. If you have any questions or require additional advice, our team of experts will be happy to help.

Victoria Vaughan