Plastic Storage – How to Interpret Litres?! [Infographic]

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Do you find it hard to visualise the size of a box when it’s measured in litres?

It can be difficult to determine the actual size of a storage box is from a photo and a litre capacity alone. We’ve found a frequently asked question from customers is ‘what can I fit into this box?’

To help create a solution to this problem we put together an infographic guide (as shown below) to help web users visualise the size before making a purchase.

To put this to the test we held an ask and learn session one Friday lunch time [with chocolate of course!] to see how easy it was for staff to guess the sizes of a variety of boxes, with and without the graphic and put our theory to the test.


They had a slight advantage as they know the products, however not everyone found it as easy as it sounds…

  • 48% of people guessed the correct 9ltr box on the first go without the infographic

After they had seen the infographic guide…

  • 57% of people guessed the correct 9ltr box on their second attempt

Use the infographic below to help you when choosing your storage boxes.

Interpreting Litres

Victoria Vaughan