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Plastic Storage Boxes are one of the most enduring storage solutions around, being a simple and reliable place to store a wide variety of things in practically any environment. However, a common concern that pops up when discussing products like these plastic storage boxes, is whether or not they are recyclable.

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Are Plastic Storage Boxes Recyclable?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the type of plastic that is used in the storage box. The vast majority of heavy duty plastic storage boxes, such as the ones in our range of Strata Storage Boxes, are made from materials like polypropylene, or PP plastic, which is designated as a recyclable material on the Plastics Identification chart (under code 5).

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While technically being made from recyclable materials, these heavy duty plastic storage boxes, due in part to their size, cannot be placed into a recycling bin in the way that a small, plastic water bottle can, which makes them quite difficult to recycle in practice. Due to their durability and reusability, however, plastic storage boxes can easily be reused multiple times for different purposes, without ever really needing to be replaced. And since plastic storage boxes are such a broadly useful storage solution in practically any commercial, industrial, or home setting, you (or somebody else) should always be able to find a new use for them without ever needing to throw them away.


In the rare instance that your storage boxes are so worn down to be unusable, you may need to find and research any local recycling companies near you, and find out whether they accept these products or not. You can use Recycle Now’s local recycling locator to find these places quickly and easily.

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Where Can I Buy Plastic Storage Boxes?

If you were looking to buy a plastic storage box, whether you need somewhere safe and secure at home to store common gardening and houseware supplies, or are looking for a durable storage solution for an industrial, commercial setting, we have you covered. In our Storage Boxes and Containers section of our product categories, we have a wide variety of storage solutions for sale, including heavy duty storage boxes with wheels and Euro storage boxes.


That concludes this brief blog on whether or not plastic storage boxes are recyclable or not. In summary, most storage boxes are made from a type of plastic, polypropylene, that is technically recyclable, though you should always make sure to check what type of plastic it is before trying to recycle anything. You can browse our range of Plastic Storage Boxes here if you’re looking for a durable and reliable storage solution today.