Why Use Picking Bins on a Production Line?

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If you’ve worked in a factory for any length of time then you’ll know how important it is to ensure everything runs smoothly, efficiently and on time. It’s the biggest cliché in the world but, in factories, time really is money.

Production lines are the one place where you need to be able to get to parts and components quickly and easily, because one misstep from you will result in the bottleneck effect that turns a production line from orderly to chaotic.

However the reverse is also true, if you are able to make improvements to the efficiency of the line, no matter how small, there’s the potential for greater efficiencies and increased production.

There is a very fine line between these two things, so making sure you have taken in to account everything that could increase efficiency is very important.

In this article, we will talk about picking bins and three distinct advantages you’ll gain if you use them on your production lines. We hope you’ll find this useful and keep coming back for more of our helpful tips and advice.

Picking bins can be stacked whilst in use

Yes, that’s right. The picking bins we sell are actually designed so that you can stack them on top of each other.

As you can have several bins in a small space you are able to keep one type of item in each bin, meaning you always get to the component you need.

Space is often at a premium in this kind of environment, so being able to stack things and still get to what’s inside is important.

They ensure easy access to what you need

Picking bins designed for production lines have a very large front opening so that you can get to what you need to quickly without the risk of pulling out the wrong thing. Having this type of opening means that you can see exactly what you’re picking.

One of the cleverer aspects of the design of the front opening is that it is slopped; this makes it less likely for the operator to drop or spill the components from the picking bin.

They also make great storage containers

Because picking bins are made of strong and sturdy polyethylene, your goods can be stored in them prior to their needing to be picked on the production line. This means there is no delay in having to distribute components to the stations before work can begin.

Easy to re-supply the work stations

As the picking bins are easy to carry they are ideal for fast restocking. Just add the components from the stores and distribute them to the factory floor, swapping the new picking bins for the old so that the components never run short and bottle necks are avoided.

We hope you can see the advantages picking bins can bring to a production line and if you are not already using them you can see that there is the potential to increase productivity by introducing these versatile storage containers.

We have a wide range of picking bins available from the Manutan UK website, have a look and see what ones are best for you, or contact our helpful sales team at sales@manutan.co.uk.

Victoria Vaughan