How to Keep Bugs out of Storage Boxes

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Finding bugs inside storage boxes is never a nice surprise, especially when you’re storing items you want to keep clean. So, to keep those pesky critters out, we have put together some tips on the best ways to keep your storage safe. 

Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of Storage Boxes

Use plastic, airtight and watertight containers

Storing items in cardboard boxes is a big no-no when it comes to keeping both bugs and rodents out as it is easy for them to get through this material. Instead, opt for weather tight, plastic storage boxes which are much more difficult for pests to infiltrate. 

Use vacuum storage bags

Vacuum storage bags are particularly useful for keeping clothes and toys clean. Using these alongside good-quality storage boxes will add an extra layer of protection to your belongings, as well as keeping them compact and saving space. 

Don’t store anything edible

If you store food, you won’t be the only one that knows about it. Food will attract bugs and rodents, which is also why it’s important to properly wash any items that may have come into contact with food before. 

Check items are pest-free before packing

Before packing items for storage, firstly ensure that you have thoroughly inspected the items for any signs of infestation. Items which you should pay particular attention to are drawers, paper, bedding and items belonging to pets. 

Find alternatives to bug spray

Bug sprays will certainly help to keep pests out of storage, but at what cost? The overpowering smell of bug sprays can be absorbed by clothing and other material goods, which is why you could consider more natural alternatives. Treatments such as lavender, sage and cedar blocks can be particularly effective and will be less invasive than typical bug sprays and repellents. 

Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture

Bugs are great at burrowing themselves into upholstered furniture and mice can chew straight through it.  To keep your items safe, ensure that any fabric is covered (heavy plastic should do the trick. Just remember to wrap around the ends and tape them up securely). Mattresses are also the most common way that bed bugs make their way into storage units, so, to prevent them from getting in, ensure that your mattress is clean and use a plastic mattress cover which is designed to keep bugs out. 

How to Keep Mice out of Storage

We’ve mentioned a few ways to keep mice out of storage, such as using plastic storage containers and refraining from storing food, but there’s another easy step you can take to keep rodents away from your belongings. 

Soaking cotton balls in peppermint is an effective step in keeping rodents out of your storage. Mice don’t like the smell of peppermint, so this quick and easy treatment will help steer them away!

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