Five Things to Consider Before Buying Your Storage Containers

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‘Tidy house, tidy mind’, so the saying goes. At Key, although we don’t want to admit that our mothers have been right all these years, we think there might be something in this little pearl of wisdom.

The right storage containers can transform organisation around your business so we’ve put together the top five things to consider so that you find the right storage for your needs.

From tidying up a cluttered office to speeding up picking in the warehouse, with the right container you’ll be more efficient and productive. Just don’t tell our mums we said so.

1. How big is the item you want to store?

What you are storing will naturally have a big impact on the size of storage container you need. A collection of 0.35l Really Useful Boxes will be ideal for little bits and bobs but would be hopeless if you want somewhere to keep your A4 files.

Make sure the storage container you choose is not too small, or too big, for the items you want to keep in it.

2. Is your item a fussy tenant?

Next, decide if your item will have any specific requirements while stored.

Does it need to be kept out of UV light that might discolour or damage it? Does it need a breath of fresh air in a box with ventilation, or would it prefer a solid plastic box and lid that keeps out the moisture and bugs?

With so many options to choose from, invest in a storage container that is perfect for your item’s needs, no matter how fussy it is!

3. Do you need to be able to see it/access it easily?

Sometimes it’s best to keep items out of sight, but being able to see what’s in a box without having to dig all the way to the bottom can be handy. If you don’t need to protect your item from UV light or prying eyes, consider a clear plastic box that lets you see what’s inside.

If you want to see something and get hold of it easily, when picking for example, choose a container with an open front. This saves time finding and retrieving items and maximises productivity. We have a great range of colourful picking pins which would be perfect for the job!

4. Have you thought about stacking containers?

Stackable boxes are a business’s best friend. Pile them up and store several containers worth of items while using the floor space of just one box. Stackable distribution containers are also great for making the most of precious lorry or van room when in transit.

The only problem with stacking containers on top of one another is that you’re bound to want something out of the bottom box. But, there’s a solution! If you need to access all your containers but still want to maximise on storage space, choose stackable containers with open fronts.

As mentioned above, this is particularly great for picking and production lines. Many stackable boxes also nest when not in use.

5. Would colour coding save you time?

To help with administration in your workplace, consider colour coding your storage containers. By grouping similar items in the same coloured boxes, reduce time spent picking, packing and looking for items.

Colourful boxes cheer up a workplace, too!

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Victoria Vaughan