What is the Best Back Support for Office Chairs?

Your back must be adequately supported when working in an office chair. Having an ergonomic chair will minimise back pains and prevent damage to the spinal structures. But what is the best back support for an office chair? 

What’s the Best Office Chair for Back Pain?

Finding a comfortable office chair that will help to relieve back pain can be a difficult task. We have put together some things to consider before selecting your next chair so that you can find the best support for your back. 

Does the office chair offer good support when you recline? 

It is important to find out how much support the office chair can provide when reclined. Individuals work differently when completing tasks, so you need to search for a chair that will adapt to your working style. 

Some office chairs will offer better lower back support than others. In some cases, the support in chairs decreases as you recline and in others, the lumbar support shifts up or down, which is something you may need to adjust. 

Can the lumbar support system move with you? 

A lumbar support system that is flexible and moves with you can be very important, especially if you move around a lot. 

Can height and depth be adjusted? 

You may want to find an office chair that allows you to make adjustments to the height and depth of the chair. This is particularly important for those who will want to make adjustments where and when they feel support.

What is the material of the lumbar system? 

Some materials are more flexible than others and others will focus on particular areas of the back. Whether the lumbar focuses on a certain area can be beneficial, but only if this is an area that will bring you comfort. 

Remember, our needs are individual to us, so it is important to ask yourself these questions before purchasing your next office chair. 

Best Back Supports for Office Chairs

If you already have your office chair and you’re looking to add something, such as a lumbar support cushion to make it more comfortable, you will want to ask yourself the following questions to determine which product will offer the best support:

What is the material? 

Finding a material that is soft and breathable will also be beneficial for your skin. When it comes to lumbar support, typically, either silicone resin or memory foam is used. Cushions made with silicone resin may not be as comfortable or soft, however, they are durable and breathable. On the other hand, cushions made with foam padding can be softer but may need cleaning more often. 

Is it adjustable? 

You may need to make adjustments to the positioning of the back support throughout the day so you will want to find a product that allows you to do so. 

Will it be secure? 

If you need to move around the office frequently, back support cushions can shift up or down, meaning you will need to re-adjust it almost every time you get up. This can be very frustrating, so it is worth finding support that can securely be strapped to the chair. 

How will it help my posture?

Maintaining good posture throughout the day is very important. It is worth noting that different office chairs will have varying curves in the lumbar area, and you will need to find back support that compliments these curves. For instance, if your office chair has a flatter back, you could look into purchasing a D-shaped cushion to help arch your back. 

Looking for an Office Chair? 

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Thomas Hewitt